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Irving Oil Pump Up The Fun Game


The Irving Oil Pump Up The Fun Game is open to all legal residents of the Canadian provinces of ON, QC, NB, NS, PE, and NF and all legal residents of the USA states of CT, ME, MA, NH, NY, RI and VT who have reached the age of majority in the province or state in which they reside.


The Irving Oil Pump Up The Fun Game ends at 11:59:59 PM ET on September 4.

How to play


To play, go online to irvingfun.ca (Atlantic Canada), carburezauplasir.ca (Quebec) or irvingfun.com (USA). Follow the link to complete the first time electronic entry registration form and follow the onscreen instructions to enter.

There are three ways to play: A) Instant Win, B) Collect to Win, C) Online Enter to Win Sweepstakes.


A) INSTANT WIN: When game tickets are opened, select tickets will reveal a message stating “You’ve Won!” followed by the description of an Instant Product Prize or AIR MILES reward miles prize. Other tickets will reveal a message stating “You’ve Won! FREE GAS FOR A YEAR!”. Collectively all Instant Product Prizes, AIR MILES reward miles prizes and Free Gas for a Year prizes will be referred to as Instant Prizes herein. Other tickets will reveal a message that states “Save $1” or “Save $5” off on your next fuel transaction. Other tickets will reveal a message stating “Buy 1 Get 1 Free!” followed by the description of an Instant Buy-One Get-One Free discount Other tickets will reveal a message stating “You’ve Won” an Irving Rewards Fuel Discount. Collectively all Instant Fuel Savings, Instant BOGO Discounts, Irving Rewards Discounts will be referred to as Instant Discounts herein. Values range from CDN $0.33 to CDN $2,600.00; US $0.69 to US $2,600.00.

B) COLLECT TO WIN: All game tickets will contain three (3) Collect to Win stickers. These Collect to Win stickers match areas that are reproduced on the Collector card, with the color on the Collector card faded under a white screen. There are eight (8) combinations on the Collector card. Remove both Collect to Win stickers from your game ticket and affix to the matching areas on your Collector card. Stickers are self-adhesive. Collect to Win Stickers must match in description, number and color to the same description, number and color on the Collector card. No sticker may be used to win more than one prize. In each combination, there is one (1) rare sticker that enables you to complete the combination. All other stickers are produced in approximate equal quantities. When you collect and affix all of the stickers to correctly complete a combination as shown on the Collector card, you are eligible to win the Prize designated for that combination.

There is one Collect to Win prize pool available to USA and Canadian residents combined. The following Collect to Win Prizes are available to be won:

B 1) DOUBLE YOUR FUN GIVEAWAY: There will be three (3) drawings held to award three (3) prizes of a $5,000 Vacation Getaway. ARV $5,000.00 each available to be won when you collect any eight (8) duplicate collect stickers for entry in the Double Your Fun Giveaway.

B 2) SECOND CHANCE COLLECT TO WIN GRAND PRIZE DRAWING: If the Collect to Win Grand Prize of $100,00.00 is not claimed in the manner provided herein, a random drawing will be held to award the unclaimed prize. All eligible non-winning Online Sweepstakes Enter to Win entries received through the stated deadline will be included for the drawing.

C) ONLINE SWEEPSTAKES: There are two ways to earn ballot entries for the Online Sweepstakes: A) Online Personal Identification Numbers and B) Daily Online Bonus Game. A) Online Personal Identification Numbers. Select Game tickets will include a unique PIN for a specified Online Sweepstakes prize category.


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